Reopening of my studio

I am planning to reopen the studio on Monday August 24th.

Because of the ongoing situation with Covid, I am only going to teach 1-1 for the time being. This means I can teach while socially distancing. Sadly that means no hands on for now, but plenty of verbal instruction. I will provide hand sanitiser and studio and bathroom will be spotless.Please bring your own cushion if you like to use one under your head.

Appointments will be spaced out with 30 mins between clients so that I can throughly clean the studio with anti bacteria wipes and air the studio. If you know a friend is coming before or after you, please feel free to meet up for a chat in the garden. There are seats up by the greenhouse and please feel free to bring drinks, snacks and have fun! I think we all could do with some of that.

I am in touch with St Columba’s Church halls to find out when I will be able to hire the hall again for Mat classes. Hopefully we can restart August 26th.

I really hope to see you all soon.. in person and not on a screen!

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